Exam Booking

Certification exams can either be done at any time chosen or right after a training course (which makes you eligible for a discount on the test costs). The IBUQ certifications meet high quality standards. Therefore, exams should be taken at the accredited training centers directly.

Alternativly you can take the exam - without training - directly at the association center in Nuremberg, Germany. The results of online-based exams are announced immediately after the test, those of paper-based tests will be sent vial post.

Certification fees

The fees for the certifications (both Foundation and Advanced level) are € 250 per exam. If you take the exam right after a training course at an IBUQ-accredited training center, there is a discount of € 50 for the exam.

The IBUQ exam booking is carried out by our service provider GASQ Service GmbH.


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