Frequently asked questions about IBUQ

Can I apply directly at IBUQ for certification?

Our accredited training centers provide a deep training for the certification tests and are approved by our auditors, which check the quality of their courses regulary. There will be a broad network of training centers in Europe, so you can take the certification test near your own location soon.

How is the process of a company based certification?

Your company will go through an audit by an IBUQ certified and approved auditor. The auditor will validate if implemented usability engineering processes in your company qualifies for an IBUQ certificate. There are certain prerequisites to meet for receiving a certification like a certain number of IBUQ certified employees depending on the size of the company.

What is the price for trainings a test preparation?

All trainings are carried out at IBUQ-accredited training centers. IBUQ recommends a certain price range as a base, but every training center is free to announce its own prices depending on varying extent of content and service provided.

Are IBUQ certificates state-approved?

The IBUQ Usability Engineering Professional certification levels are an international standard, which is elaborated by renowned experts from science and industry worldwide. Therefore it is not officially recognized on national level.

Are you also certify software--based products?

IBUQ-product certifications are in development and subject to evaluation with our scientific comitee.

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