IBUQ improves and advocates user-friendliness, accessibility and usability of interactive human-machine-interfaces. Based on international and national standards, laws and widely accepted style guides the association develops modern usability standards and certifies service providers and personnel.

Good arguments for an IBUQ/UXQCC certification

Software and websites have to fulfill their goals and tasks effectively. Usability as a key skill for designers and developers guarantees a tailored usage of interactive applications by the intended target groups.

Arrangements to improve usability should always be started before launching a website or selling a software product. Misunderstood or failed usage increases support requests and is damaging to the general customer satisfaction. Also, fixes and patches results in a cost-intensive retouching of the software. Ultimately, those websites or products are in danger of losing customers in bulk.

A recognized and international accepted certification identifies the expert work and saves money for any software or website developing company. A scientific committee guarantees stable values and relevancy of the certifications, as well as keeping them up-to-date.