The user-friendly web will come true

The International Board for Usability Qualification (IBUQ) supports and certifies internet- and software developers

People expect from digital media to be easy to use. Usability and accessibility in software based products are basic principles to reach a broad audience. No one is willing to read long instruction manuals on displays.  Also the users of interactive interfaces are becoming older and older as a result the demographic change. Clear structures and processes, well defined contrasts and colors or intuitional navigation concepts are a benefit for all generations.

Though usability is a widely accepted criterion for successful web, mobile or software applications, there is still no national and international acknowledged institution to issue a certificate of competency in this important domain. To change that the International Board for Usability Qualification (IBUQ) established an authoritative seal of quality. The independent certification is a proof of workmanship for internet and software developers. „So far the industry had no chance to assess usability expertise of service providers“, explains IBUQ chairman Norbert Barnikel, an expert for online marketing. The seal of quality is available for freelancers or employees as well as agencies or other companies and organizations.

IBUQ is backed up by a scientific expert panel composed of renowned professors, specialists and researchers of various universities, independent research facilities or usability-related industries. The committees initiate common research projects and therefore guarantee a stable value of the certifications and keep them up-to-date with the technological progress. There is not only a focus on websites and software, but also on mobile applications, computer games, e-learning platforms or medical displays.